Your Angel of Christmas Spirit is as fun, flexible, and magical as you want it to be! Once you read the book with your child/ children, your angel is ready to deliver the messages of Christmas spirit! The angel can sit on your mantle or under your tree- anywhere the angel can be seen and serve as a physical reminder of the magic and spirit of Christmas. How you use the Angel of Christmas Spirit is all up to you- the angel can move each night, or stay in the same place. The angel can deliver a new card each day, every few days, or each week. If you want, you can even decide as a family which cards to work on together. If you have an idea that you would like for your family, write it on one of the blank cards in the pack. And, at the close of each day, you can use dinner time and bedtime to reflect on the completion of the task. It's the perfect way to begin and end each day with the needs of others and the gift of God's love.

Remember, the kindness doesn't have to end at Christmas! Your angel can stick around for a few days afterwards to teach us that the spirit of Christmas can live all the year through!

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Have a blessed Christmas Season!