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About the Author

Eight years ago, Devon decided that she wanted to start a fun Christmas tradition with her children that kept the focus on the true meaning of Christmas. She wrote a poem for her girls and had a stuffed angel deliver it in early December. Each day over the Christmas season, the angel delivered little notes of encouragement, suggestions for good deeds, ideas for family activities, and Bible verses to share. Since then, the girls anxiously await their angel ’s visit, and spend the holiday season focused on what Christmas really means.

Today, Alexis and Ashleigh are thirteen and nine, and still look forward to their angel’s visit. At their advice, Devon decided it was time to share the story of their Christmas angel with other families!

Devon and her husband, Brian, reside in Roswell, Georgia, with their two girls and their beloved dog, Zoe. Devon is a three-time cancer survivor and is currently enjoying being at home with her daughters. They love to travel as a family, exploring new parts of the country, and hope to add some international trips to their itinerary soon! Devon also enjoys tennis, fishing, and spending precious time with her family and friends.